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Introductory Webcast with Mike Fidgeon and Molina Leaders


An introductory webcast with Mike Fidgeon and Molina Leadership to provide PHS employees an overview of what to expect during the merger.

President of MMS Welcomes Providence

Norm Nichols, President of Molina Medicaid Solutions, would like to welcome Providence to the Molina family.

Why Work for Molina

Help us work toward our mission! We’re always looking for talented people who share our values.

The Molina Story

Molina Healthcare was started by a physician, Dr. C. David Molina, to serve patients who didn't have access to preventive health care. Watch the story of how the company got started and how Dr. Molina's family continues to carry out his mission.

Connecting the Dots

Connect the dots with Molina to see our latest news and events.

True Molina Stories – Cliff

Members, care coordinators and case managers discuss their experience with Molina Healthcare, how Molina directs patient care, reduces health care costs and centralizes health needs (through health, social or education needs).